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Here are a few links to MSK videos in the news:

Read the article on The Charlotte Post
The Charlotte Post“For better or for worse, experiences on a college campus can change lives.
Amnesty International, UNC Charlotte and Charlotte Area Health Education Center co-hosted the global launch of My Sister’s Keeper, a lifestyle movement that advocates respect for females. They advocate Rock the Pledge, which men take as a commitment to showing unconditional respect to all females.”
— Ashley Mahoney, The Charlotte Post


Read the article on Niner Times
Tina Valentine“Tina Valentine, who escaped the sex industry last year, talks about working with My Sister’s Keeper to educate women on sexual exploitation. Those working with MSK believe that starting on college campuses will help directly address the problem with the younger generation. “Had there been a program like this when I was in college, maybe I could have went to someone and talked to them about what was happening to me,” Valentine said.”
— Alex Sands, Niner Times


Watch the video on WBTV
MSK in the news“Twenty people every minute are physically abused by a partner across the United States. It’s a sobering statistic. In all, more than ten million people will experience some sort of domestic violence over a year-long period. One group wants to stop the trend with a conversation. Wednesday at UNC Charlotte, people were talking about unconditional respect for women and girls. Don’t treat her like she’s a drunk girl,” said Tina Valentine, “Look at her as she’s your sister, because if that was your sister and she was drunk, what would you do? You would help her.”
— Pamela Escobar, WBTV


Watch the video on TWC News
MSK news conference“A new initiative wants us all to treat women as if they were our sisters. My Sister’s Keeper announced its launch Wednesday at UNC Charlotte. They want to spread the message of unconditional respect for women. The movement involves various UNCC student groups, the Charlotte Area Health Education Center and sex trafficking survivors.”
— Yoojin Cho, TWC News


Watch the video on WSOC-TV
MSK Ty Kelly“Controversial comments involving women on the campaign trail have come under fire in recent weeks. Students at UNC Charlotte are taking a stand. Political science senior Ty Kelly is not shy about who he looks up to. “I think of my father, he treats my mother with the utmost respect,” Kelly said. Kelly is one of several men who pledged their respect to women Wednesday through a new movement called My Sisters Keeper.”
— Gina Esposito, WSOC-TV