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MSK - she's a sisterViolence against college co-eds, song lyrics that promote sexual exploitation and music videos that objectify women is accepted as the norm in today’s pop culture – until now!
MSK - he's a keeper

Welcome to My Sisters’ Keeper (MSK).My Sisters’ Keeper is a movement of young men and teens who take the MSK pledge to practice these tenets:

I am my sisters’ keeper.
I will treat every woman and girl like my dear sister.
I will not verbally or physically assault my sister.
I will look at and talk to my sister with respect.
Every woman and girl is my sister.
I am my sisters’ keeper.

MSK - she's a sister

My Sisters’ Keeper can be the game changer that positively redefines relationships between young men and women. College co-eds call men who have taken the MSK pledge, “a keeper”.

MSK - he's a keeperMSK - she's a sister