College Tour

MSK College Tour


What is the college tour?

The college tour will be a one-day program held on select college campuses across the country to educate students and provide solutions for violence against women and the Sugar Baby issue (millions of co-eds sexually exploited – secretly selling their bodies online to pay tuition). The program includes strategic engagement where students are trained to provide education and organize community support for these issues.

When will the college tour be held?

The college tour program will be launched in 2017 at a university to be announced. Additional universities will be added to the schedule.

How many students can the college tour attract?

The college tour is projected to attract over 50,000 attendees on campuses across the Carolinas.

Will there be an admission charge or registration fee to attend the college tour?

There will be no admission or registration fee for students.

Will the college tour be open to the community?

Contingent upon space availability the college tour will be open to the community. Healthcare and social services practitioners will be offered the opportunity to earn CEUs and certificates.

Can students participate in planning the college tour?

Yes: There is a strategic plan to engage students in the planning/presentation process. The student engagement program will train and empower students to provide education and organize community support around these issues.

College Tour Curriculum

The education and training will be provided in breakout sessions—a session for co-eds and a session for men.


Survivors of violence against women and sexual exploitation will educate co-eds about the following topics:

  • Early warning signs to identify a batterer.
  • How to safely deescalate a domestic violence incident and escape.
  • Early warning signs to identify a victim of violence against women.
  • How to help a victim of violence against women.
  • Early warning signs to identify traffickers.
  • What is it truly like to exist in the sex industry – the untold stories.
  • Probability of graduation while working as a Sugar Baby: The addictive, destructive lifestyle.
  • Alcohol and drugs: The addiction factor.

Service providers, experts and transformed exploiters will educate men about the following topics:

  • Profile of a physical batterer.
  • Intervention or silence: How to positively intervene in conversations between men when women are being demeaned.
  • Safe intervention: How to safely intervene in incidences of violence against women.
  • Family and friends: How to intervene when the abuser is in your circle.
  • Why is he buying it – why men patronize commercial sex.
  • A look behind the velvet curtain: Sexually exploited women—who are they as people?
  • Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies: A victimless crime or exploitation?
  • Pornography: Stimulation or destruction?

Measurable Outcomes:

After the breakout sessions, attendees will come together for a panel discussion and Q&A. Outcomes will be measured by asking attendees to complete a survey at the end of the program. A portion of the survey responses will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5 to quantify how much information attendees retained. The remaining responses will be measured by a “degree of change scale” which allows attendees to record any changes in their attitudes/opinions after they’ve received information at the college tour, compared to before.