Why MSK?

Young men and teens receive daily images and messages from pop-culture that say: Women are objects – here for your pleasure and entertainment. How are young men/teens responding to this message?

  • Women ages 20-24 are most likely to become victims of male violence.
  • More than 4 million women experience rape and physical assault each year.
  • 1 in 3 female homicide victims are murdered by their current or former partners.
  • 76% of women who experience paid sex exploitation over the internet consider suicide.
  • 67% of adult males in the US have paid for sex at least one time.

MSK - Take the PledgeNow young men and teens can receive positive images and messages from My Sisters’ Keeper that say:

MSK - Take the PledgeIt’s COOL to respect all women and girls.

Students, young adults and all Millennials are responding to these images and messages by rocking the MSK pledge.

Rock the pledge now!

MSK - Take the Pledge